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rachel klinghoffer

if you like piña coladas


By repurposing materials, making and remaking them into paintings and sculptures, Klinghoffer prompts a reimagining of uses for these relic-like objects. Articles reflect the artist’s personal connection to femininity, craft-making, Judaism, romance, pushing the definition of painting. Through time, the items become specimens, icons. They are poked, prodded, stained, sprayed, stroked, rubbed, dipped, then pulled, torn, cracked open and broken apart making up and becoming the new work.

Rachel Klinghoffer artist portrait with family at her studio in South Orange, New Jersey.


if you like

Exhibition information

If you like piña coladas

One River School Gallery is open to the public and by appointment. Please enter your information below to receive additional information about Ms. Klinghoffer's work and to schedule an appointment to visit us in-person!


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